30 May 2011

A great day in Arlington

reunionThough it lacks a lot of the swing of the original, 'twill serve. Gary Long and Greg Lupfer rounded up two dozen of their former staff for a reunion. These are folks that worked for Lupfer & Long, Inc. and/or L&L Software and/or L&L Products in the late 1970s into the mid 1980s. The various companies operated out of McLean, Va., and Hanover, N.H., providing professional services and off-the-shelf software products for accounting and general database applications. Our computing platforms included the mainframes of the day under timesharing; in the 1980s, we moved onto minicomputers from Digital Equipment, Prime, Wang, and Hewlett-Packard. Remnants of the companies made the transition to desktop computing and PCs toward the end of the decade.

Top row, L-R: Louise, Ceil, Peter (seated); next row: Steve, Ken, Anne, Susan; next row: Eric, John, Jenny, Gary, Hao; next row: ?, Joanne, Amy, Dave J., Donna, Bill; next row: Elizabeth, Julia, David G.; bottom left: Greg; bottom right: Aubrey.

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