17 September 2010

Work in progress

I started to draw these page flow diagrams with the tool that's integrated with our wiki. But sometimes there's just no substitute for a whiteboard and a camera.
work in progress

16 September 2010

Not to mention shortening URLs

W (double U) has, of all the letters in our alphabet, the only cumbrous name, the names of the others being monosyllabic. This advantage of the Roman alphabet over the Grecian is the more valued after audibly spelling out some simple Greek word, like ἐπιχοριαμβικός. Still, it is now thought by the learned that other agencies than the difference of the two alphabets may have been concerned in the decline of "the glory that was Greece" and the rise of "the grandeur that was Rome." There can be no doubt, however, that by simplifying the name of W (calling it "wow," for example) our civilization could be, if not promoted, at least better endured.

—Ambrose Bierce, The Cynic's Word Book (1906)