22 June 2017

A few good folks

We have at least 10 open positions to fill: managers, sys admins, developers (mobile, back-end, and front-end). No ping-pong tables, but all the ARC books you can read! While you're brushing up your resume, you would do well to heed Jonathan's job-hunting advice.

21 June 2017


Several good points raised by Zoltán Ádám Mann's paper in a recent issue of Computer, "The Top Eight Misconceptions about NP-Hardness." The most interesting one:
... adding constraints to a problem affects its complexity in an unpredictable way.

19 June 2017


ICYMI: a short interview with Karin Tsai, a software engineer at Duolingo:
When I was at Princeton, I was somewhat insecure because I started coding so much later than my classmates. I’ve proved that I belong in this field, I can succeed in it, and that when it comes to important decisions in the company, my voice matters.