24 September 2017


Boerge Svingen walks us through the log-based architecture that powers digital publishing at the New York Times. Now that we are in the era where disk isn't just cheap, it's effectively free, a storage-heavy approach like this can make sense.

22 August 2017


A good interview question: give your prospect the setup described by Jane Bailey in "Time to Transfer," and cut off the answer after this text:
The logic was still in place. In fact, the logs showed that the data hadn't been moved until 5 minutes after it was marked to be moved. But the confirmation page had generated in mere seconds. How could this possibly have occurred?

"It just doesn't make sense," she complained to her coworker.

Give your prospect a point for each possible (even impossible) explanation of the defect.

01 July 2017

See dee sea?

Bruce Sherry of Living Computers: Museum + Labs demonstrates a reconstructed Control Data Corporation 6000-series supercomputer.