01 February 2016


A documentary on the Antikythera Mechanism (long-time readers will recognize this as one of my hobbyhorses) is screening weekly at the National Gallery of Art through mid-March.


Jane Cotler and Evan Sandhaus describe two neat tricks that the New York Times used to bring a recent 20-year block of articles into its TimesMachine service. First, an image tiling and rendering procedure that minimizes download requirements. Even more interesting, a fuzzy-logic string-matching algorithm that lines up a batch of texts taken from OCR with their counterparts from a digital archive. The trick to reducing the search space depends on dividing each text into blocks of overlapping tokens called shingles, a/k/a n-grams.

27 January 2016

Probably not JavaScript

Geoff Brumfiel reports: an AI application called AlphaGo has mastered the game of go to the point of defeating a European champion. I can't resist the obvious question: Since it's a Google project, what language is AlphaGo written in?

24 January 2016