31 March 2012

Delayed mercury

Charles Severance visits the Monash Museum of Computer History and talks to Judy Sheard and Chris Avram. The museum is on the Caulfield campus of Monash University in Melbourne, Victoria, and hosts CSIRAC, Australia's first digital computer and the fourth stored-program computer in the world.

30 March 2012


I've started chipping a little content into Stack Overflow, and have accumulated sufficient reputation points that I can upvote answers. There's a lot of work that could be done in the tag wiki—that could keep me busy.

29 March 2012

Still going

Benj Edwards reports for PCWorld on vintage systems that are still in production, running inventory, controlling aircraft systems, generating financial statements. The jewel of this (popup-heavy) report is an plugboard-programmed IBM 402 tabulator in service at a Texas industrial filter factory.

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