22 February 2012

News item

Evan Sandhaus announces the New York Times's implementation of rNews, a semantic markup scheme for news articles. Curiously, the blog post itself doesn't carry the markup.

18 February 2012

Home base

booting upBack at Siteworx Reston after an extended stay onsite, and after a couple of moves and cubicle reconfigurations, here's what most of my work surface looks like now. Oh, and after receipt of peachy Valentine's Day flowers from Leta.

A really nice chair, a big Kensington trackball that they don't make anymore, a monitor and a half (the laptop), and a good-sized shelf for books above. Need to do something about that tangle of USB cables.

08 February 2012

Keep trying

Jairaj Bhattacharya et al. give poor marks to DataWind's Aakash-1 tablet, the latest in a series of low cost computers designed for students in developing countries. The expected price point for this device, which is more than a prototype but not yet generally available, is ₹2500 (about $50).
Its limited battery life—a maximum of 2.5 hours, which falls to 1 hour and 20 minutes with video or other applications running—is disappointing for a device that is supposed to be used in villages where access to electricity is sporadic at best.