31 March 2011


For the watch-later pile: Klint Finley rounds up several presentations on R. Hmm. I wonder what sort of project I could make with R for the statistical package and the Bird Phenology Project's data set.

28 March 2011

Might not have helped with the scores, though

Man, if we'd had this tool when I had a work-study job with the university music library... well, I wouldn't have had a job. Audrey Watters points to a demo by Matt Hodges of a prototype AR application for Android tablets. It automates a time-consuming, tedious, knee-wrinkling task: shelf reading.

01 March 2011

O tempora

Alas, my scrum team, once named for a Saturday morning cartoon series that I don't remember, is now named Jedi Squirrels, in honor of a bit of internet-dispersed Photoshoppery (that also turned into a troublesome test case for the CMS).