12 March 2010


Along time ago, when I was just getting started in this career, back in the days when an interviewer would take you to lunch at the Capital Hilton on 16th Street, I was trying to schmooze my way into a COBOL job. My interviewer knocked me around with some basic principles questions (like, "what's a pointer?") and then he went in for the kill:

Do you do your own JCL?

I understood the question, at least. And I answered truthfully that, no, I wasn't equipped for that, not yet. But what I kept to myself was, "JCL? How hard can that be? It's just a command language for batch jobs." (I had already mastered one DEC command shell and thought I knew nearly everything.) Dan Wohlbruck illustrates how naive I was.

I didn't get the job, of course, but nearly ten years later I finally made my acquaintance with OS JCL. We have since parted, but we have agreed to remain friends.

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