25 June 2008

Exam (re)prep: 5

So, the short answer is that I did not pass the certification exam that I sat a couple of weeks ago. As far as I can tell, I scored acceptably high on the web section, did okay on the foundation material, but I tanked on the analysis and design section (70-547).

I'm going to pass up the free-retake offer, which expires at the end of this month. I just don't have time to prep that much material. Rather, I'm going to take the three exams separately--probably 70-528 first, in August, and 70-536 in September. Those two together are good for the MCTS credential, and then we'll see about advancing to the MCPD.

I gave a presentation to my development workgroup (about 16 guys) about my current experiences and generally about how the program works. I was a little surprised that more than a couple guys were interested enough to ask questions.

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