08 July 2014

Compare and contrast

Luke Vnenchak gives us an update on Scoop, the in-house CMS in place at the New York Times. It's really interesting to see how (or even whether) a CMS solves certain problems. Among them:
  • Scoop provides for multiple versions of draft/published stories: this blows the doors off CQ5's simple (but effective) author instance/publish instance model.
  • Automatic smart cropping of images, given a master and a thumbnail. I've had clients that would love a feature like that.
  • Locking body copy independently of assets like images and multimedia. Yep, that's also something that my guys demand.
  • Tagging to an open standard: I haven't built any production code to support this, but it's something we have explored. Generally the stumbling block is the question of who owns the tags.

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