22 July 2010

Return of the regex mystery

The little one-off function that I wrote to extract the file name from a URL still continues to baffle. Rekha, in the course of reviewing some other code and functionality, threw a random string of letters (no punctuation) at it, which caused the browser's script engine to time out. I rewrote the code somewhat, but even this version takes about 30 seconds to complete, when given a string like "asdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjkl":

var URL_REGEX = /^(http:\/\/)?(\w+\.?)*client\.org(.*)$/i;

stripUrlPrefix = function (url) {
var regex = new RegExp(URL_REGEX);
var result = jQuery.trim(url);
var matches = regex.exec(result);
if (matches) {
return matches[3];
} else {
return result;

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