15 December 2009

All your database are belong to us

The current number of IEEE Annals of the History of Computing is loaded with tasty pieces: the theme is early DBMSs, and there are articles on the roots of Adabas, IDS, Total, IDMS, System 2000, IMS -- all those pre-relational acronyms that once filled the job listings for programmer/analysts. I once had limited familiarity with Adabas and IMS: in each case I was writing application code in COBOL and I used some glue-layer code (macros called Adamints, IIRC; and proprietary code written by AMS) to talk to the DB.

Plus, for dessert, Dan Murphy writes about the origins of TECO. Back in graduate school, the guy that turned over to me the project supporting the marketing research study tried to teach me TECO, but I bailed out and made do with SOS.

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