28 January 2009

Into the blue, too

I see that my old colleague David Alison has emerged from the workshop to launch Shared Status, a refreshingly low-tech small-footprint solution to managing punchlists for distributed teams. It's clearly a tool informed by many hours of sitting through deadly dull, interminable team status meetings. What I think is bold about David's model is that a task is either done or not done. You can hand it off to someone else, but it's still only done or not done. No more cheeseparing about tasks that are 90% complete, forever.

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bdavidson said...

Hey... I resemble that remark. Not recording percent completes on multiday tasks don’t give an accurate representation of neither current status nor progress towards a goal. The percent completes also forces task owners to spend at least a few seconds thinking about the progress on their tasks other than I’m not complete yet. It’s kind of like reporting it will be done when it’s done.