30 October 2008

Letters, we get letters

All sorts of unexpected news and correspondence this week! I got a note from someone who had read my review of Herding Cats requesting other recommendations for readings in project management for someone aspiring to be a team lead. I took the opportunity to plug three of my favorite authors. I wrote (edited slightly):
Different shops call for different management styles, so YMMV. But take a look at Becoming a Technical Leader by Gerald M.
Weinberg. For that matter, just about anything Weinberg has written about programming and the psychology behind it is worth reading.

You're probably familiar with Steve McConnell's work. His Rapid Development provides a survey of the management techniques you
can use to improve the delivery of good software; some of the topics in Code Complete are also relevant.

Finally, DeMarco and Lister's Peopleware is good for helping you identify aspects of your office environment that are making you
and your team unproductive.

You may have noticed that two of these four titles are from Dorset House publishing. There's lots more good stuff to be found there.

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