13 November 2023

Union strong

Congratulations to Digital Media United, part of NABET-CWA Local 31 and representing tech workers at NPR, on the ratification of its first contract!

15 March 2023


An excellent documentary on the genesis of BASIC (with just a touch of chest-thumping on the part of Dartmouth College).

20 February 2023

Is anyone reading the literature?

Joseph Weizenbaum didn't expect his secretary to take ELIZA so seriously, either. Sheesh. "The new Bing & Edge – Learning from our first week."
One area where we are learning a new use-case for chat is how people are using it as a tool for more general discovery of the world, and for social entertainment. This is a great example of where new technology is finding product-market-fit for something we didn’t fully envision.

29 January 2023


Oh, dear sweet Fox, yes (see JavaScript file browser, below).