16 April 2022

12 March 2022

Care for a game?

Betsy Golden Kellem reminds us that Elektro wasn't the only box of electronics and blinking lights on display at the 1939 New York World's Fair. There was also The Nimatron.


...are one of the terms that have acquired multiple meanings in my shop. Beyond the traditional journalism meaning—a short, reusable, almost arbitrary, traditionally ALL CAPS handle for a story making its way through the editing process—we've also used "slug" to refer to the friendly label above the headline that sets some context for the reader. In What's making us happy, it's the "SPECIAL SERIES" tag. The main topic of the story is often used as the slug, unless we're on the landing page for that topic... and that's a long story. To avoid confusion, we're introducing the jaunty term "eyebrow" as a replacement. The new CMS that we're on the long road to adoption uses "slug" for the semi-legible part of a semantic URL, the "whats-in-a-slug" bit in the case of the Times article linked above. "Permalink text" is the suggested replacement, but I think we'll still have to slug it out.

26 February 2022


I had a small hand, back in 2020, in this phase of bringing NPR and its member stations to its new CMS, Grove. It's nice to have a project phase come to completion. The last station site to come aboard was KDLL in the the Kenai peninsula of Alaska. More work to come!

28 November 2021

Glide path

Certainly the next stage in my professional development: recently, doing some hard drive housekeeping, I moved my professional résumé into an /Archives folder. Not gonna need it anymore.

And, thank Fox, I haven't had a bid résumé for consulting work in seven years. Bid résumés sit somewhere on the lies-damn lies-statistics continuum.